Metal Solar Roof for Your Home

Metal Solar Roof for Your Home

A metal solar roof is lasting, lightweight, practical, easy to maintain, and fire-resistant throughout its lifespan. Aside from being functional, they’re elegant because of the classy black color. You won’t have a hard time integrating it into any kind of neighborhood. 

Sun Roof Solar roofs are inspired by traditional roofing methods and tested advanced photovoltaic technology and aesthetics. The wholly integrated and very effective solar cells in the quality panels can barely be seen even from afar. The panels are secured to create a roof that gives sustainable energy to homes for many years. 

1. They Last for a Long Time

Quality roofs last for a very long time if they’re installed properly. They won’t split, crack, rot, or rush. They are expected to last for 5 to 10 decades. We have a company warranty of 50 years for our quality solar metal panels. 

2. They’re Safe from Fire

Metal solar roofs are very resistant to fire. Rather than taking sunlight, they reflect it. So, your home won’t feel hot even during summer. Our solar roofs have a grade A in fire protection which is the highest grade given. Underneath the roof panels, the electrical systems are hidden well and only our select electrical engineers can connect them to the grid. 

3. They’re Lightweight

Because metal roof panels are light, it’s not a hassle to transport and install them. They don’t cause much pressure on the roof support and can be used for old or large roof structures. So, our solar roofs can be installed on many buildings, especially those that can’t support regular solar panels.

4. They Can Withstand Storms

Metal roofs are highly resistant to various conditions and elements and are sturdy. The hidden interlocked panels can withstand rain, snow, frost, and wind effectively. You also no need to worry about leakage if properly installed. Our solar roofs have been proven to resist hail falling at 165.5 km/hour. 

4. Easy to Maintain

This means you don’t need to do any special maintenance on our metal roofs. Aside from withstanding different weather elements, they can also resist pests and insects. No professional cleaning is needed due to infrequent heavy rains.