How Solar Roofs Are Different from Traditional Solar Panels

How Solar Roofs Are Different from Traditional Solar Panels

When choosing a solar energy system for your home, there are many things to consider such as design, size, price, efficiency, durability, and warranty among many others. Continue reading to better understand how our solar roofs differ from traditional solar panels so that you can make an informed decision and enjoy maximum efficiency. 


One of the most crucial decisions is to choose the solar products you want. You have to pick between traditional solar panels or integrated solar panels which we offer at Sun Roof Solar. You can see standard solar panels above roofing materials. Our solar panels have 2 purposes. They cover the roof and generate power at the same time. 


Another important consideration is the size and if it fits your facade or roof. You need to know the right location so that you can take advantage of maximum solar energy. We can make this easy for you because of our roof planning program. You’ll get a tailor-made plan for your solar roof fast. 


This is a detail you shouldn’t miss when you choose a solar roof. Our solar roofs are competitive because we use monocrystalline solar cell technology which is the standard in solar panel production. 


Many people have concerns that integrated solar panels are more costly compared to regular solar panels. But, since the technology used to produce the former has improved and become more popular, the prices have significantly dropped. Our solar roofs are more cost-effective compared to standard solar panels because it’s 2-in-1. You get a roof that has solar panels that produce energy. 


Solar panels that are highly resistant to wind, snow, and hail are something you are likely looking for. Our solar roofs are made using quality materials that are weatherproof and as durable as normal metal roofs.

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